It’s You vs You

Focus on your own journey. In the early stages of my personal development journey, it was quite easy to compare myself to others. I didn’t have any benchmark or experience to evaluate my progress so that’s why comparing myself to others didn’t seem that bad. But the “early stages” one day disappear. Obviously you don’t… Read more It’s You vs You

You only got ONE life

Sometimes I stop and think deeply on topics such as life, happiness, death, etc. and I always end up in my biggest fear. Regret. Regret scares me more than death and yeah I know that’s easier said than “done” but the truth is that you can’t avoid death. You can avoid regret though. And living… Read more You only got ONE life

Should you have a Plan B?

Last month, I posted a poll on my Instagram asking other traders whether they have a Plan B or not, and if no, why? The majority of them didn’t have a Plan B and that makes total sense to me. But I believe that the “Plan B” topic is quite sensitive as each individual can… Read more Should you have a Plan B?